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    PID CategorySeverityStatusUpdated Summary
   00014651   minor
resolved (Adam)
2013-01-25Akill not defaulting to days
   000146812   minor
resolved (Adam)
2013-01-25MemoServ displays 'new memo' notification twice when using MySQL database.
   0001469    minor
resolved (Adam)
2013-01-25kqueue issue in 1.9
   00014632   crash
resolved (Adam)
2012-12-25Crash on unload and reload of OperServ DNS module.
   00014441   major
resolved (Adam)
2012-11-30cs_accessfounder.dll for Anope 1.8.7 and 1.8.6 filesize are 0 bytes
   00014613   minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-11-30ldap_authentication: More than one password possible
   00014593   minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-11-10ChanServ Access ADD/LIST/DEL adding hostname
   00014103   feature
2012-11-01/os forbid should take hosts and deny service usage from clients using them. Also add /ns dropforbidden to drop offending nicks
   00014461   tweak
resolved (Adam)
2012-11-01hideprivilegedcommands is not working for nickserv
   00014571   crash
resolved (Adam)
2012-10-31UserKey starting with 0 throws error
   00014151   minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-10-31Forbid does not disallow setting forbids on services opers nicknames
   00014211   minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-10-31os_mode: prevent setting modes on non-existant-user.
   00014501   major
resolved (DukePyrolator)
2012-10-24ChanServ limit for number of channels doesn't always work correctly
   00014141   feature
resolved (Adam)
2012-10-13Allow services operators to modify other users ns_ajoin list
   00014451   minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-10-01Unassigned bot returns to channel after restart
[Anope Stable (1.8.x series)]  IRCD support
2012-08-06/samode crash on inspircd
   000119831 minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-07-05ChanServ Bans, Kick not displayed at wrong-case cyrillic-named channel.
   000141711 crash
resolved (Adam)
2012-05-10Crash on removing all flags from a user
   000141611 feature
resolved (Adam)
2012-05-08Allow services opers to '/ns release' other people's nicks aswell as allow '/ns access list' on other services opers again
   00013833   minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-05-07Database file backup fails for DatabaseFile with path
   00014122   crash
resolved (Adam)
2012-04-28Anope 1.9 current: Crash on: /msg OperServ EXCEPTION ADD
   00014112   major
resolved (Adam)
2012-04-26SASET EMAIL and SASET PASSWORD Access Denied even for Services root with all privileges
   00014041   text
resolved (Adam)
2012-04-04Missing mentioning of SASET in online documentation
   00014011   minor
resolved (DukePyrolator)
2012-03-22No "Failure to Load" messages
   00013991   crash
resolved (DukePyrolator)
2012-03-21Services Crash Operserv session limit exceeded
   000138913   minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-03-15DNS query IDs are no longer random allowing predictability for hostile DNSBL replies
   00013821   minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-03-13command stats
   00013841   trivial
resolved (Adam)
2012-03-11[PATCH] Fix double-spaced connect log message
   00013811   text
resolved (Adam)
2012-02-27HostServ claims I have a vHost
   00013773   minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-02-19serious security failure
   00013655   minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-01-31slight typo in email verification for nickserv
   00013723   minor
resolved (Adam)
2012-01-13User regged, NS AutoOp OFF, Connect, Join channel without identify. Gets OP from server
   00013681   feature
resolved (Adam)
2011-12-31Channel Access List
   00013691   minor
resolved (Adam)
2011-12-31/OS SVSNICK capitalization issue
   00013622   crash
resolved (Viper)
2011-11-14Crash when do /os oper info Helper
   00013573   feature
resolved (Adam)
2011-11-05Have /OS USERLIST also match on IP-addresses (including CIDR-ranges)
   00013563   minor
resolved (Adam)
2011-11-04[anope-1.9-302989b] Undeletable memos from /CS LOG
   000135511 crash
resolved (Adam)
2011-11-04[anope-1.9-302989b] Crash when removing multiple logging options fast
   00013541   minor
resolved (Adam)
2011-11-03[anope-1.9-230b3bc] disabling +a/+q prefixes on the ircd gives problems in *serv.conf service:channels setting
   000128031 minor
resolved (Adam)
2011-10-301.9.5 current: "/msg NickServ SASET USER NOEXPIRE ON" does not write MD FLAG NOEXPIRE to anope.db
   00013513   minor
resolved (Adam)
2011-10-28[Anope 1.9-GIT]: AUTOOP OFF not working
   00013501   minor
resolved (Adam)
2011-10-27[Anope 1.9-GIT]: BotServ BadWords are not loaded from anope flatfile database
   00013471   minor
resolved (Adam)
2011-10-26[Anope 1.9-GIT]: /msg ChanServ SET URL/EMAIL parameter handling error
   00013481   minor
resolved (Adam)
2011-10-26[Anope 1.9-GIT]: /msg ChanServ ENTRYMSG #Test ADD Test Channel
   00013491   major
resolved (CyberBotX)
2011-10-24m_sqlite fails to build on freebsd
   00013434   major
resolved (Adam)
2011-10-22can't recover/release nick from nick enforcer
   00013411   major
resolved (Adam)
2011-10-18[1.9.6-git] OperServ CHANKILL command kills and deletes BotServ bots.
   00013401   crash
resolved (Adam)
2011-10-18[Anope 1.9 GIT]: Compile error at: cs_info
   000133751 crash
resolved (Adam)
2011-10-11Services crash on add/del user
   00013331   minor
resolved (Adam)
2011-09-25BotServ SET PRIVATE is not saving in the services DB when applied to default services bots (ChanServ, NickServ, etc...)