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0000007Anope Stable (1.6.x series)HostServpublic2004-05-17 09:30 Assigned  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.6.0 
Summary0000007: hostserv has a typo and/or bug
Description/hostserv help

-HostServ- HostServ commands:
-HostServ- ON Activates your assigned vhost
-HostServ- OFF Deactivates your assigned vhost
-HostServ- GROUP Syncs the vhost for all nicks in a group
-HostServ- Commands available to HostSetters/Removes only:
-HostServ- SET Set the vhost of another user
-HostServ- SETALL Set the vhost for all nicks in a group
-HostServ- DEL Delete the vhost of another user
-HostServ- DELALL Delete the vhost for all nicks in a group
-HostServ- LIST Displays one or more vhost entries.
-HostServ- Commands available to services admins only:

what is? lol theres no commands after it :o
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