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0000047Anope Development (1.7.x series)NickServpublic2004-06-03 19:17 Assigned  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version1.7.2 
Summary0000047: hmm
Descriptioni dont think this is a big deal but u dont allow ppl to register accounts with
|| in them, but u can group a nick with ||? dont make sense...

[21:41:33] -NickServ- List of nicknames in the group of Xerses:
[21:41:33] -NickServ- Xerses
[21:41:33] -NickServ- {uX}Xerses^
[21:41:33] -NickServ- {uX}Xerses|x|
[21:41:33] -NickServ- 3 nicknames in the group.
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