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0001754Anope Stable (2.0.x series)Generalpublic2023-01-31 01:20
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Summary0001754: No mails sent
DescriptionAfter registering a nick a mail should be sent with a confirmation code.
The mail is never sent.

No expirience with C++.

What I can read is:
In mail.cpp on line 30 the text of the mail is written to the file configured in services.conf (/usr/sbin/sendmail in my case)
So anope is trying to overwrite sendmail.
My guess is that no mail is sent. Not for confirmation or anything else.

Don't know what the root of the problem is but overwriting 'sendmail' is a bug.

Using sendmail in a bash script sends a mail and is received.
Steps To ReproduceRegister a nick when anope is configured with 'usemail = yes' in services.conf
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2023-01-31 01:20

reporter   ~0006887

After deugging I saw there were several prolems:

- Using postfix because I don't know how to relay with sendmail.
  -t option ignored and a mail address is required when using sendmail that is part of postfix
- profile of anope in apparmor had to be modified.
- mail.cpp Run() function had to be modified to launch shell script to send mail.
  - double qoutes had to be removed from mail text

After those modifications the mail was sent.


2023-01-27 02:28

reporter   ~0006886

The function in mail.cpp on line 30 does not write a text file.
Why no mails are sent I don't know.

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