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0001751Anope Stable (2.0.x series)Generalpublic2022-07-21 23:12
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Summary0001751: Too verbose with -nofork
DescriptionRunning any service with a proper service supervision suite works better when that service does not fork itself.
I’m running anope under s6 ( so I’m running it with --nofork. But the same goes for other service supervisors like runit, systemd, daemontools, etc.

When run with --nofork, anope tends to produce a lot of output about the activity on the network, like when people connect, disconnect, go away, come back, modechanges, and so on.
IMHO it should not do that by default but restrict itself to messages about its own operations that are important to running the services properly and without issues.
In terms of "standard" loglevels (, these information about what’s going on on the network should be only on level DEBUG but the default loglevel should be something like warning.
Generally speaking, I’d like to see the loglevel configurable for STDOUT (and other logging channels, like the logfiles).

Please consider this.
Steps To Reproduce./services --nofork
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