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0001736Anope Stable (2.0.x series)Generalpublic2020-02-13 17:18
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Summary0001736: Email Registration Confirmation Not Sent for Nicks Ending in \ Character
DescriptionWith registration = mail set in the ns_register module, when attempting to register a nick ending with the \ character, Anope reports that the registration confirmation email was successfully delivered, but it doesn't get delivered.

Note, this bug might occur with other characters, and at positions in the nick other than at the end. I've only tested this one scenario, with a nick ending with the \ character.
Steps To Reproduce1. /nick Digerati\
2. /msg nickserv register testpass

This shows, "Your email address is not confirmed. To confirm it, follow the instructions that were emailed to you." to the user attempting to register, and the #services output shows, "Successfully delivered mail for Digerati\ (", but no email is delivered.
Additional InformationFollowing the Steps to Reproduce, but starting with /nick Digerati (without the \ character at the end), results in the confirmation email being delivered as expected.

This is 100% reproducible with Unreal and Anope 2.0.7.
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