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0001735Anope Stable (2.0.x series)Generalpublic2020-02-10 23:33
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Summary0001735: SVSHOLD
DescriptionWhen services sets a nickname to Guest???? because the user failed to identify it sets a svshold on the unrealircd 4.x . I know this is what is supposed to happen but we have the releasetimeout set to 1 minute and services does that fine except it doesn't remove the svshold from the ircd. It takes the ircd around 25 minutes to release the svshold unless you manually set a sqline for the nick and immediately remove it. Our uline servers are set properly with the correct case sensitivity.
Steps To ReproduceLogin with a registered nickname but do not identify. After the nick gets guested wait until releasetimeout has released the nick then try and change back to the registered nick. WIll reproduce the error.
Additional InformationAfter the time out occurs in services you can check the ircd /stats Q and see the nickname still listed.
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2020-02-10 23:33

reporter   ~0006865

with unreal v5.0.1 i couldn't reproduce this.
after the release, qline was gone.

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