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0001727Anope Stable (2.0.x series)Generalpublic2019-11-12 15:14
Reporterpegasus Assigned ToSadie  
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Summary0001727: Setting NickServ unconfirmedexpire with any value of Xd still marks the account to expire in 24h if not confirmed
DescriptionSetting ns_register::unconfirmedexpire to any value of Xd, still marks the account to expire in 24h when not confirmed.

This was tested in 2 networks (with ns_register::registration set to "admin" and "mail") and the issue was triggered in both set-ups.
Steps To Reproduce- Set ns_register::unconfirmedexpire to something like 3d
- Rehash/Restart Anope
- Register a nickname
- You'll receive a notice saying that the account will expire in 3d if not confirmed
- Do /NS INFO nick
- You'll receive a notice saying that the account will expire in 24h if not confirmed
Additional Information/* The setup used for testing (used /os reload to reload Anope config) */
        name = "ns_register"

         * Registration confirmation setting. Set to "none" for no registration confirmation,
         * "mail" for email confirmation, and "admin" to have services operators manually confirm
         * every registration. Set to "disable" to completely disable all registrations.
        registration = "mail"

         * The minimum length of time between consecutive uses of NickServ's RESEND command.
         * This directive is optional, but recommended. If not set, this restriction will be disabled.
        resenddelay = 90s

         * Prevents users from registering their nick if they are not connected
         * for at least the given number of seconds.
         * This directive is optional.
        nickregdelay = 60s

         * The length of time a user using an unconfirmed account has
         * before the account will be released for general use again.
        unconfirmedexpire = 3d

/* Some output of when registering the nick */

[20:49] -NickServ- Nickname blah registered.
[20:49] -NickServ- Your email address is not confirmed. To confirm it, follow the instructions that were emailed to you.
[20:49] -NickServ- Your account will expire, if not confirmed, in 3 days.

/* Output of /NS INFO */
[20:51] -NickServ- blah is Gecos
[20:51] -NickServ- blah is an unconfirmed nickname.
[20:51] -NickServ- Online from:
[20:51] -NickServ- Online from: PTirc@5D6A5931.E6501A21.ADC7F6A.IP
[20:51] -NickServ- Registered: nov. 11 20:49:41 2019 CET (2 minutes ago)
[20:51] -NickServ- Email address: redacted@mail
[20:51] -NickServ- Expires: nov. 12 20:49:41 2019 CET (23 hours, 57 minutes from now)
[20:51] -NickServ- Options: Private, Protection, Security, Auto-op, Keep modes, Chanstats
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2019-11-12 15:14

manager   ~0006861

Fixed in


2019-11-11 21:59

reporter   ~0006859

I believe this should be solved as soon as possible, because it's a major problem for networks that use ns_register::registration = "admin" as they might take more than 24h to check the pending registration list.

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