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0001696Anope Stable (2.0.x series)Generalpublic2017-01-29 23:11
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Summary0001696: Anope 2.0.4 (and 2.0.5) with Unrealircd 3.2.10 and channels in "+s" mode do not insert/update in sql
DescriptionConversation of January 28, 2017 for a bug with sql and only the mode "+s"

[01:35:03] <Mi_92> Hi, In Anope 2.0.4 with Unrealircd 3.2.10 and channels in "+s" mode do not register in sql, is this repaired in Anope 2.0.5?
[01:37:35] <@Adam> "do not register"?
[01:37:57] <Mi_92> Adam yes "update" or "insert"
[01:39:21] <@Adam> are you talking about irc2sql?
[01:39:30] <@Adam> anope doesnt store +s channels otherwise because that doesnt make any sense
[01:39:38] <@Adam> i mean, it does, but it doesnt store the fact that it is
[01:40:45] <Mi_92> Adams, yes irc2sql and StatsServ from Anope. It does not accept, we have to put all the caux secret in "-s" and then we must put the "+s" and there it works but it is temporary until another (re)start of anope
[01:40:57] <Mi_92> canaux*
[01:41:15] <Mi_92> channels*
[01:43:32] <Mi_92> Adam At the moment all the channels in mode "+s" have not been updated in sql but the other modes-channels have been taken into.
[01:43:38] <Mi_92> There is only the "+s" and "-s" that bug
[01:48:38] <@Adam> i dont know if it was fixed in 2.0.5 or not
[01:48:46] <@Adam> you could always try it and if it isnt then open a bug, then someone will look at it
[01:54:26] <Mi_92> Adam, ok ,I specify for the bug:: All the channels since January 10 they have : " /cs mode #carla LOCK add +CinrstTVĂ© - There is only the "+s" that does not register in "sql" unless you make a "/cs mode #carla LOCK del +s" very forced several times and after you retype" /cs mode #carla LOCK add +CinrstTV " and it works again but not forever if we restart Anope
[01:54:34] <Mi_92> Adam i test Anope 2.0.5
[01:55:02] <@Adam> is where the bugtracker is, register for it on
[01:55:48] <Mi_92> Adam Ok I will do this if needed, thank, salutations
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Session Close: Sat Jan 28 01:55:56 2017

I installed Anope 2.0.5 and the bug still exists.

Excuse me for my English, I'm French.

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2017-01-29 23:11

reporter   ~0006826

I posted a message a few days ago here, on it is possible to remove this subject because the problem does not come from Anope but only from DenoraIRC 1.5, I will reinstall the 1.4.


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