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0001682Anope Stable (2.0.x series)Generalpublic2016-07-03 18:44
ReporterRobby Assigned ToAdam  
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Summary0001682: ChanServ's MODE SET +b/BAN command strips the CIDR part away when a CIDR block is specified.
DescriptionChanServ's MODE SET +b command strips the "/32" part away in "*!*@2001:DB8::/32".
The same happens for +e and +I.

ChanServ's BAN command also has the same issue.
Steps To ReproduceFor CS MODE:
/CS MODE #Test SET +b *!*@2001:DB8::/32
On channel: ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*@2001:DB8::

/CS BAN #Test *!*@2001:DB8::/32
-ChanServ- No users on #Test match *!*@2001:DB8::.
On channel: ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*@2001:DB8::
Additional InformationManually setting a ban on *!*@2001:DB8::/32 and then doing:
/CS MODE #Test SET -b *!*@2001:DB8::/32
does work as expected.
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2016-07-03 18:44

administrator   ~0006805

Thanks, fixed in 8dc687b657205abefeb1a779ea42070721252e14

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