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0001675Anope Stable (2.0.x series)Generalpublic2016-07-03 18:43
ReporterGavin Assigned ToAdam  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001675: "/ns saset display" Cosmetic Issues
DescriptionWhen changing a users display as Services Admin, your whois is shown that you are login in as the <NewNick>

Status Window -
[16:41:10] Gavin! Hyperion You are now logged in as Hyperion

Whois -
[16:41:15] Gavin is logged in as Hyperion
[16:41:15] Gavin is a registered nick
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2016-07-03 18:43

administrator   ~0006802

Thanks, fixed in 284d95bfe2e076aadf1c6a4cb17cab06b3b2e876

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