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0001635Anope Development (1.9.x series)Chanservpublic2015-03-12 14:16
ReporterTechman Assigned ToAdam  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001635: Anope bans user's real hostname/IP instead of their displayed host (vHost)
DescriptionThis appears to specifically apply to when vHosts are set on users. When a user has a +x hashed host, Anope will ban the hashed hostname as it normally will. However, with a vHost activated (-x, basically) Anope bans the user's real hostname instead. Something internally in Anope isn't updated, it seems.

Tested with latest Anope git stable, and InspIRCd git stable
Steps To Reproduce1. User join a channel that has a vHost set and enabled
2. !ban user
3. Anope will +b the user's real hostmask
Additional InformationDebug logs (for Anope project members only):

Also tested on Teranova, and the same things happens. With a user with just +x and no vHost on their account, this issue doesn't happen. When you /hs on, and try to ban, the issue immediately happens.

Some IRC logs, if anyone's interested in that.

2:49:37 PM <Techman> Alright, I have the debug stuff
2:50:16 PM <Techman> Cronus: Can you get adam to unignore me so I can PM him the debug logs (contains sensitive data ofc)
2:56:06 PM <@LEthaLity> there's a protected paste option... although how you think no one else running Anope and Inspircd (including myself) would have noticed your alleged problem eludes me
3:02:22 PM <%Cronus> use the protected paste and paste in here
3:04:38 PM — %chaz waits
3:05:25 PM — ~DukePyrolator waits too
3:06:07 PM ↔ @Rob (was Rob_; opped) nipped out
3:12:10 PM <Techman> Oh whoops I forgot that Anope had a pastebin thing
3:12:15 PM <Techman> Yeah let me use that instead then
3:13:07 PM <Techman>
3:14:53 PM — +SaberUK leaks Techmans sensitive data to the NSA
3:14:54 PM <%Cronus> what are we looking for again
3:15:39 PM <@LEthaLity> unmasked hostnames being banned/unbanned iirc
3:16:09 PM <Techman> Yeah
3:16:14 PM <@LEthaLity> I'm quite sure that tester doesn't have +x
3:16:26 PM <Techman> He has +x but then it's unset because he has a vhost
3:16:41 PM <Techman> I said displayed host wasn't being used, a vhost being shown counts as the displayed host right?
3:19:07 PM <%Cronus> can i get a line number when this happens
3:19:09 PM <%Cronus> so far i dont see shit
3:19:51 PM <Techman> I logged into my Anope account and now I'm locked out of the paste :/
3:20:19 PM <%Cronus> well you posted it as a guest
3:20:20 PM <Techman> You'll see at one point Anope bans the staff vhost, but then after a reconnect and despite the vhost being reapplied, Anope will ban the real hostname of the client
3:20:35 PM <Techman> I thought the site would respect a session cookie or something, my fault though
3:22:15 PM <%Cronus> around line 100
3:22:18 PM <%Cronus> for anyone else looking
3:22:27 PM <%Cronus> Adam if you cant see it
3:22:42 PM <Techman> Do you guys believe me now?
3:23:24 PM <%Cronus> no
3:23:41 PM <%Cronus> really though you have a few modules, never heard of some
3:23:47 PM <%Cronus> how about you make the same thing happen on here?
3:24:00 PM <%Cronus> im kinda lazy atm, it is my day off, dont care too much to do stuff like this
3:25:23 PM <Techman> If I had to suspect, I think that teleport mod is doing this
3:25:33 PM <Techman> because I don't remember Anope ever doing this kind of stuff before
3:25:34 PM <@Adam> it is supposed to unban your real ip if you are the one requesting the unban
3:25:37 PM <@Adam> otherwise it will not
3:26:14 PM <%Cronus> unban?
3:26:17 PM <%Cronus> dont you mean ban
3:26:34 PM <Techman> I was the one that typed the !ban
3:26:40 PM <@Adam> not sure didnt look at the paste but this came up yesterday
3:26:44 PM <%Cronus> line 109 and 110 shows techman banning the user tester
3:26:51 PM <%Cronus> but their real ip/hsotname is banned
3:26:54 PM <%Cronus> not their cloaked/vhost
3:27:03 PM <@Adam> then thats a bug
3:27:14 PM <winterchillz> Guys, may I ask a question when you have a couple of spare minutes, not anope related but the guys over at eggdrop are not replying :(
3:27:18 PM <%Cronus> Techman can you get me a /ns info Tester
3:27:24 PM <Techman> sure
3:27:35 PM <Techman> from who's perspective Cronus ?
3:27:43 PM <Techman> Oper, user itself, or 3rd person?
3:27:53 PM <%Cronus> oper
3:27:57 PM <%Cronus> i wanna know its settings really
3:28:01 PM <%Cronus> so you can just paste that one line here
3:28:07 PM <Techman> k
3:28:08 PM <&Botox> anope: miwob opened PR 0000105 on 2.0: - Change SendForceNickChange() to use UIDs - Link:
3:28:09 PM <@Adam> winterchillz sure
3:28:38 PM <Techman> 3:28:16 PM <NickServ> Options: Private, Security, Auto-op, No expire
3:28:53 PM <%Cronus> k

7:12:12 PM <Techman> Did it
7:12:19 PM <Techman> It happened here too
7:12:51 PM <Techman> Typed /hs on on the test client, then went to !ban using my nick, and Anope banned the real hostname again
7:14:09 PM → Fudster joined (
7:14:13 PM <%Cronus> was that in your paste? i guess i didnt read the part where if you /hs on then it happens
7:14:34 PM <Fudster> Can anyone explain how I could add a !mute command to botserv.conf?
7:14:51 PM <Techman> Cronus: On my network, vhosts are automatically activated if they are set
7:15:00 PM <Fudster> oh it's Techman lol
7:15:12 PM — Fudster is Yofun
7:15:21 PM <Techman> There's a !mute thing in cs_ban now
7:15:24 PM <%Cronus> Techman so its only to do with vhosts
7:15:29 PM <Fudster> Techman: hm?
7:15:38 PM <Techman> I think it's safe to say that vhosts are a trigger to this, yes
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2015-03-12 14:16

administrator   ~0006717

This is not in the release and was introduced in d45cb5451eedd213862abeab5da9a30d96a494b2. It has been fixed in dc58239c8a4222cfc97d06f91574417446fe8e55.

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