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0001625Anope Stable (2.0.x series)Generalpublic2015-03-12 23:53
Reporterwebczat Assigned ToAdam  
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Summary0001625: Problems with persistent channels
DescriptionI have my services set to deny mlocking +P by users using option nomlock, and to set the persist option when channel gets registered.
Here are the problems I see:
When channel is registered, +r mode is set, mlock modes are also set, but +P is not set, I believe it should be added to mlock but is not.
It seems that trying to leave and rejoin a persistent channel without +P results in no chanserv taking any actions like resetting +r, channel should be persistent but it is not.
Also, restarting services makes chanserv join all channels set persistent no matter if +P is set or not, even though it should not join any channels.
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2015-03-12 23:53

administrator   ~0006723

fixed in 303e652a3563c50d8836996851341840b1ad4277


2015-03-12 14:19

administrator   ~0006720

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Part of this was fixed in f36915790674275627cf8eb68024e17539ee04fa (setting +P on register). The restarting part is annoying, I'd maybe rather wait and fix it in 2.1, I already have some changesets for that somewhere that inadvertently fix this.

EDIT: was the rest of this fixed in d9c9f2a4077e695598f17961da64b8d50225e2f0?


2014-12-07 14:32

reporter   ~0006683

Actually it seems that the problem is not just ChanServ joining all persistent channels on services restart, but chanserv being assigned to the channel. Not sure what would be a fix for this especially that chanserv could be really assigned to the channel too, not as a result of services being restarted.


2014-12-02 00:45

reporter   ~0006680

1. ChanServ does not set +P on newly registered channels when the persist option is set as default, it sets +P when persist option is enabled after registration though.
2. When services are restarted, ChanServ seems to join all persistent channels and stay there, no matter if +P is set on them or not.

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