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Summary0001624: chanserv help should take privileges into account
DescriptionMany commands in chanserv have help that, in it's contents, tells the user what level is by default required to access a given command.
However, it does not take account that those defaults can be changed not only per channel, but also on the whole network, and in this case help output can be wrong in some cases in this respect.
Also, not all access systems have to be loaded.
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2014-11-29 01:45

reporter   ~0006677

Example: this is help output of chanserv command "KICK" taken from terranova:
 00:38 -- ChanServ ( Syntax: kick channel nick [r
 00:38 -- ChanServ ( kick channel mask [r
 00:38 -- ChanServ (
 00:38 -- ChanServ ( Kicks a specified nick from a channel.
 00:38 -- ChanServ (
 00:38 -- ChanServ ( By default, limited to AOPs
 or those with level 5 access
 00:38 -- ChanServ ( and above on the channel. Channel founders can also specify masks.

In the code, the fact that this command is restricted by default to AOPS or access level 5 is given statically, but network defaults can be changed using privilege blocks in the config, so this info may become invalid.
In addition, someone may want to use chanserv with no xop module at all, for example, so it could possibly confuse users.

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