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0001580Anope Development (1.9.x series)Operservpublic2014-02-27 15:182016-06-09 10:05
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Summary0001580: UMODE doesn't set snomasks
DescriptionI can't set snomasks using umode (unreal + anope).

[19:09:22] <Global> OperServ: Moot: umode Moot +s +F
[19:09:22] OperServ Moot changed your usermodes.

It hasn't effect.
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Anikwa (reporter)
2016-06-09 10:05

Technically, yes, it did.

+s was set.

[10:05:00am] -OperServ- Changed usermodes of Sketch to -s.
[10:05:00am] -OperServ- Sketch changed your usermodes to -s.
[10:05:01am] * OperServ sets mode: -s
[10:05:03am] -OperServ- Changed usermodes of Sketch to +s.
[10:05:03am] -OperServ- Sketch changed your usermodes to +s.
[10:05:03am] * OperServ sets mode: +s
NoMiaus (reporter)
2016-06-07 02:06

Then, Anope shouldn't send a reply saying usermodes were changed if they weren't set or if modes were invalid.
jobe (developer)
2014-02-27 16:40

The reason is in fact not because of a bug, but actually because of a technical limitation of UnrealIRCd's server protocol. Anope uses UnrealIRCd's SVS(2)MODE commands to change user modes however they do not allow changing of server notice masks. To change server notice masks Anope would have to make use of the accompanying SVS(2)SNO command to adjust a users server notice mask. See [^] for more info on SVS(2)SNO

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