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0001576Anope Development (1.9.x series)Modules Systempublic2014-02-18 20:03
ReporterNoMiaus Assigned ToAdam  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001576: Channel is 'Forbidden' on CS INFO command using db_old
DescriptionAfter convert the databases to the new format using db_old there are some channels that appear as forbidden on /cs info #channel when they shouldn't be forbidden. Anyway users can join and configs are saved.

## Before ##
ChanServ Information for channel #eMule-Italian:
ChanServ Founder: emulechans2
ChanServ Description: eMule-Support-Channel
ChanServ Registered: Oct 04 11:55:02 2008 CEST
ChanServ Last used: Feb 18 17:11:07 2014 CET

## After ##
ChanServ Channel #eMule-Italian is forbidden by crazy: repeated takeovers
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2014-02-18 20:03

administrator   ~0006596

This works okay, but the old system could treat channels with wildcards in them (like #*) as non-wildcard, when the new system always does, which was the issue here. I've made db_old not import forbids that contain wildcard characters.


2014-02-18 19:20

administrator   ~0006595

Get /os forbid list and remove the one matching this channel.

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