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0001561Anope Development (1.9.x series)Nickservpublic2014-01-16 21:56
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Summary0001561: Add a unique identifier to NS ACC
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12:34:47 Rylai | I was looking for opinions on adding EUID to /NS ACC output.
12:34:50 sp4rd0se | or go to the forum :)
12:35:12 Rylai | As EUID is a more accurate/precise indicator of ownership of an account than accountname itself.
/* ... */
12:57:05 grawity | I don't think Anope even has entity IDs, Rylai
13:03:12 %Jobe | it does not
13:03:19 %Jobe | as far as I know
13:06:14 grawity | my anope.db agrees
13:07:48 --> | Demon ( has joined #anope
13:11:04 %Attila | Rylai: can you elaborate on what difference would that make?
13:11:36 %Attila | accounts are unique, so i dont see how can there be a more unique indicator to something than an
                          | already unique string
13:12:06 %Attila | is it about an account getting dropped and then re-registered?
13:14:13 Rylai | yes, precisely that
13:14:56 %Attila | would be easy to add such a thing
13:15:21 %Jobe | Rylai's clearly been reading my mind
13:15:53 %Jobe | I've been thinking about a feature like that for that purpose in another services package I work with
13:18:46 Rylai | heh, nope, i'm just a bot dev in my spare time
13:19:23 Rylai | so something like this, to allow users to use their services account instead of registering for yet
                          | another account in my bot, would be greatly preferable
13:20:32 %Jobe | ultimately an account name should be analogous to a DNS host name
13:20:38 %Jobe | an alias to a unique ID
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