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0001556Anope Development (1.9.x series)Otherpublic2013-12-28 00:21
ReporterHumanoid Assigned ToAdam  
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Summary0001556: Exceptions (~) and wildcards (*) for oper types in services.conf. Also, OperServ FORBID notice misprint.
DescriptionFirst, sorry for posting to 1.9. I didn't see a 2.0 selection. This report is in regard to 2.0.0-rc1.

I see that exceptions (~) are allowed in the logging configuration for services.conf. "
For example, "~operserv/akill operserv/*" would log all operserv messages except for operserv/akill."
This would be a great feature to have for opertypes as well. Some of our opers have access to everything except restart/shutdown/quit etc., so it is a bit tedious to enter all but those commands for their opertype block.

Regarding the FORBID misprint, which may already be known, this is the output after sending a forbid command:
"*** Global -- from OperServ: ADMIN: Humanoid!Humanoid@IP used FORBID to add a forbid on f-your-mom of type NICK
-OperServ- Added a forbid on f-your-mom of type Command to expire on never."
I am sure 'Command' should be "NICK|CHAN|EMAIL|REGISTER," respectively, as it is shown in the global notice.
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2013-12-28 00:21

administrator   ~0006566

fixed & done

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