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0001504Anope Development (1.9.x series)Chanservpublic2013-04-07 13:43
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Summary0001504: problems with the FOUNDER privilege

I'm not sure how the FOUNDER privilege is supposed to work, but:
the documentation says that users with the FOUNDER privilege are treated as founders and can execute founder commands.
It also says that if I'll set the level attribute of a privilege definition to founder, it will be applied to users with the FOUNDER privilege.
It seems, however, that privileges that have level set to founder are applied only to the real founder, I tested that with autoowner privilege.
My default configuration assigns the FOUNDER privilege to the access level 1000.
If all founder-only privileges are set to founder and the FOUNDER privilege is set to 1000, then the user with level 1000 has access to commands like drop and set founder and levels, but doesn't get other privileges that have level set to founder.
The only thing that works is assigning those founder privileges to level 1000.
I don't know if the example config is wrong about this, or if privilege checks don't take the FOUNDER privilege into account.
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