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0001497Anope Development (1.9.x series)Otherpublic2013-05-08 23:16
ReporterCuttingEdge Assigned ToAdam  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86_64OSUbuntu Linux 
Summary0001497: Emails being stripped of new (blank) lines.
DescriptionAnope appears to be trimming/stripping/removing new (blank) lines within email messages sent from any of the pre-configured email templates (new memo, new registration, etc).

Its impossible to separate new paragraphs in emails.

Also, adding only a space in the new (blank) line (without any other text) causes processing of the template to halt (any subsequent text is dropped from the email).
Steps To Reproduce1) Trigger any email related function from within Anope that uses an email template with blank/empty lines that separates paragraphs.
Additional InformationUsing latest Anope 1.9.x GIT.
Using Postfix MTA.
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2013-05-08 23:16

administrator   ~0006444

fixed in 5e7085130eb245e6ab9d44c04816ad62a324cd43


2013-05-07 07:39

reporter   ~0006442

Notice the gap between the "You have requested to register ..." and "Please type ..." lines. Its not present in the default Anope config.

The two lines are not separated by an additional new line in the config, yet they are, in the email output.


2013-05-07 02:50

administrator   ~0006439

I am unable to reproduce any of these problems using the default config on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS with postfix 2.9.6 and viewing the email using gmail.

When the config is being parsed, registration_message is set like so:

[May 06 21:50:15.800637 2013] Debug: ln 1006 EOL: s='mail' 'registration_message' set to 'Hi,

You have requested to register the nickname %n on %N.

Please type " /msg NickServ CONFIRM %c " to complete registration.

If you don't know why this mail was sent to you, please ignore it silently.

%N administrators.'

Which is correct.


2013-05-06 08:40

reporter   ~0006433

I've just updated to the latest GIT version, and have noticed that now all the emails have a blank line between each line defined in the config file, regardless of there being a blank line or not between the lines.








2013-05-05 07:04

administrator   ~0006430

This is fixed in 1d0bb9b26b7ad58ab0bf979ac046f4511b3bf12b

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