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0001462Anope Development (1.9.x series)MemoServpublic2013-02-16 16:39
ReporterCuttingEdge Assigned ToAdam  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001462: Memo number variable not propagated in email message for new memo.
DescriptionIn the mail message for new memo's, in example.conf/services.conf, the 'memo_message' variable within the 'mail' section has the following text:

"You've just received a new memo from %s. This is memo number %d."

The %d variable is empty within the mail received.
Steps To ReproduceSend a new memo to a nickname that has email notifications.
Additional InformationUsing latest Anope 1.9.x from GIT.
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2012-12-22 16:17

administrator   ~0006309

Thanks, fixed in 0cde0aee34a658e8059106ee51641cac2f48d92a


2012-12-22 08:30

reporter   ~0006308

New (blank) lines (between paragraphs) aren't properly evaluated either. They're being trimmed/dropped from the output.


2012-12-22 08:29

reporter   ~0006307

The same can be said about the %N tag (network name). Its ignored completely (no text is replaced).

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