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0001411Anope Development (1.9.x series)Nickservpublic2012-04-26 00:03
ReporterPhantomal Assigned ToAdam  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSDebian Linux 
Summary0001411: SASET EMAIL and SASET PASSWORD Access Denied even for Services root with all privileges
DescriptionMost SASET options working perfect. Only SASET EMAIL and SASET Password not.

Even as Services Root you get: *NickServ* Access denied.
Steps To Reproducemsg nickserv saset username email

msg nickserv saset username password newpass
Additional InformationAnope 1.9.6 Release Version
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2012-04-26 00:03

administrator   ~0006144

Ok I've changed the message to be more informative


2012-04-23 18:33

reporter   ~0006141

After deeper testing i found out, that the only "Bug" in this case is, that the errormessage should give feedback, that an email or password couldn't set because SECUREADMINS is set to ON.

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