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0001369Anope Stable (1.8.x series)OperServpublic2011-12-31 10:05
ReporterRobby Assigned ToAdam  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinux, i686OSFedora 
Summary0001369: /OS SVSNICK capitalization issue
DescriptionWhen changing someone's nickname capitalization OperServ complains that the nickname is already in use.

Expected results: Since the old nickname is the same as the new nickname and only the capitalization changes this should just work, as there is no danger for a nick collision.
Steps To Reproduce/OS SVSNICK JOHNDOE JohnDoe
Additional Information1.9-git is also affected by this very same issue.
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2011-12-31 10:05

administrator   ~0006052

Fixed in 1.8 in 792790a4d4778781f53694096358470369e073e5, 1.9 in 60a5cc1a616d06fa73a13b9601419ea0fe0345cc

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