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0001357Anope Development (1.9.x series)Operservpublic2011-11-05 00:04
ReporterRobby Assigned ToAdam  
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Summary0001357: Have /OS USERLIST also match on IP-addresses (including CIDR-ranges)
DescriptionCurrently it looks like /OS USERLIST pattern matching works on what it "sees", for example:
<Robby> USERLIST *!*@localhost
-OperServ- Users list:
-OperServ- Nick Mask
-OperServ- Security system@localhost
-OperServ- End of users list.

But this does not work:
<Robby> USERLIST *!*@
-OperServ- Users list:
-OperServ- Nick Mask
-OperServ- End of users list.
<Robby> USERLIST *!*@::1
-OperServ- Users list:
-OperServ- Nick Mask
-OperServ- End of users list.

Now, I've seen that services do get the IP of connecting clients because Global outputs it to the log channel like this:
<@Global> USERS: Security!system@localhost (localhost) (Security) [::1] connected to the network (<server>)

So maybe that IP can be used in pattern matching aswell, so that it returns all clients matching the IP or CIDR-range, even if those clients have a resolved hostname.
Additional InformationIRCd: InspIRCd 2.0.5
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2011-11-05 00:04

administrator   ~0006008

Added in d01f4ea3ce7ff16409e9c21f0a6426958da40462


2011-11-04 13:25

manager   ~0006007

Hmmm, seems /OS EXCEPTION and /OS SESSION VIEW would benefit from this feature too.


2011-11-04 13:15

manager   ~0006006

Now that I think of it, AKILL could also use this feature. For example when AKILLing someone on his IP for 10 days OperServ will set a temporary 3-day G-line on the server that disconnects this client. However, when after those 3 days the client wants to reconnect, he can do so, because OperServ matches against what is in the AKILL list, so in case the client IP resolves to a hostname, then OperServ doesn't "see" a match and does not remove the client.

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