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0001341Anope Development (1.9.x series)Operservpublic2011-10-18 22:16
ReporterATAD Assigned ToAdam  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformAnope-1.9.6-g53275c3-with-bacon-OSUbuntu Liux, x64 
Summary0001341: [1.9.6-git] OperServ CHANKILL command kills and deletes BotServ bots.
DescriptionObserved Results:

Using the OperServ/CHANKILL command kills (and G:lines) the services bot that is assigned to that channel. If the bot was added using the BotServ/BOT command, the bot is "deleted" from the bot list and it does not return; it has to be re-added using BotServ/BOT again, and re-assigned to whatever channels it was assigned to before OperServ/CHANKILL was used.)
Steps To Reproduce1. Add a new bot to BotServ using BotServ/BOT
2. Assign that bot to an empty, registered channel
3. Join the channel and run OperServ/CHANKILL on it
4. Observe that the bot is removed from the network, an AKILL is added for it's hostname, and the bot is no longer listed on BotServ/BOTLIST
Additional InformationExpected Results:

OperServ/CHANKILL should recognize and "skip" (not akill/gline) BotServ bots (or other services like ChanServ) which might or might not be assigned to the channel that the command is used on.
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2011-10-18 22:16

administrator   ~0005971

Fixed in fc1674635234c4007e13e71be3ded989bf3594d9

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