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0001332Anope Development (1.9.x series)Nickservpublic2011-09-16 20:09
ReporterNita Assigned ToAdam  
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Summary0001332: [Anope-1.9-git]: Kill immed, fixed IP, access list not working after f844b0a1614fd2fdd6ce941d545d6f6d4193a653
DescriptionI have the following settings:
- Fixed IP
- Access list set correctly (/msg NickServ ACCESS LIST)
- Kill IMMED set (/msg NickServ SET KILL IMMED)

Everything worked perfectly before GIT change: f844b0a1614fd2fdd6ce941d545d6f6d4193a653
"Changed User::IsRecognized check to default to secure"

Before that change everything worked fine:
- When I would like to log in and identify myself from a fixed IP (is in my access list), NickServ recognized my IP address and waited to identify myself correctly.
- When I would like to log in from an unknown IP, NickServ changed my nick immediately.

After that change:
- When I would like to log in and identify myself from a fixed IP (is in my access list), NickServ changes my nick immediately and I have no time to identify myself.

After f844b0a1614fd2fdd6ce941d545d6f6d4193a653 KILL IMMED with correct access list is unusable because NickServ changes my nick immediately.
Steps To Reproduce- Fixed IP
/msg NickServ ACCESS ADD <Your info>
/msg NickServ SET KILL IMMED

Reconnect from <Your info>
Additional InformationInspircd 2.0.5
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2011-09-16 20:09

administrator   ~0005957

fixed in f07295cc78b6132c0803ad7c459ca3a7eb962e94

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