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0001322Anope Development (1.9.x series)Botservpublic2011-08-21 22:15
ReporterObiWan Assigned ToAdam  
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Summary0001322: [Anope-1.9-git] Botserv says "Channel is not registered" on unassign
DescriptionWhen using the unassign command on botserv it will tell me the channel is not registered:

/msg botserv unassign #dlh_offplay Kuschelserv

-BotServ- Channel #dlh_offplay KuschelServ isn't registered.

It works however when not specifying the Bots nick, though help tells me:

[21:34:19] *BotServ* Syntax: unassign channel nick
[21:34:19] *BotServ*
[21:34:19] *BotServ* Unassigns a bot from a channel. When you use this command,
[21:34:19] *BotServ* the bot won't join the channel anymore. However, bot
[21:34:19] *BotServ* configuration for the channel is kept, so you will always
[21:34:19] *BotServ* be able to reassign a bot later without have to reconfigure
[21:34:19] *BotServ* it entirely.

So either the nick has to be removed in the help message or there is a problem with that command.
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2011-08-21 22:15

administrator   ~0005931

Fixed in c996356fab9281e018b78e04e652223817b68230.

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