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0001314Anope Development (1.9.x series)Chanservpublic2011-08-16 20:31
ReporterObiWan Assigned ToAdam  
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Summary0001314: [Anope-1.9-git] Chanserv gives modes to Nicks which aren't identified by Nickserv
DescriptionWhen a user just changes its nick to a nick which is on an access-list of a channel the user will get the channel-modes but not the chanserv permissions when joining the channel even if the user won't login to that nick with nickserv.
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2011-08-16 20:31

administrator   ~0005921

Fixed in 9aa414b1f63196d88731a5fc5adbc56be2c6fb39


2011-08-16 01:15

manager   ~0005919

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Confirmed. Nice find actually.

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