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0001277Anope Development (1.9.x series)Nickservpublic2011-06-23 20:34
Reportermixx941 Assigned ToAdam  
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Summary0001277: Unconfirmed nicks logged in on InspIRCd 2.0
DescriptionHi. As discussed on IRC:

On 1.9.4 and Insp 2.0, if a nick is registered but not confirmed yet, it is still logged in (but no user mode +r) and can bypass channel modes +R/+M or user mode +R.

<mixx941> * [marktest] is using modes +i
<mixx941> --- [marktest] is logged in as marktest
<mixx941> that's after register but before confirm
<@Adam> so, -r but we send the account for them ?
<@Adam> file a bug & mention that

Also, +r is not immediately set after confirming but is after LOGOUT/IDENTIFY.


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2011-06-23 20:34

administrator   ~0005840

Fixed in 7ec803f6102aaf51b383ebdba865cd810bef1d29

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