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0001274Anope Development (1.9.x series)Chanservpublic2011-06-02 20:04
ReporterObiWan Assigned ToAdam  
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Summary0001274: 1.9.4 - Services set wrong timestamp on channel
DescriptionToday I noticed something very strange. We had a few problems that Chanserv wouldn't set any modes or topics on a channel when a user joins.

We could fix that problem if users are inside the channel when services are being restarted or if we add a bot into the channel.

If we add a bot to the channel the following happens:

TS for #SGW-offplay changed from 1306935640 to 1261939418

First is the current timestamp for the server (the correct one) the second one is the timestamp of the date when the channel has been registered. As soon as this happens all modes and topics are being set.

Somehow I've got the feeling that Chanserv is being confused on the timestamps.
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2011-06-02 20:04

administrator   ~0005835

Fixed in 3ad93a31c91ae096d5e53deb7dd64586fa935244


2011-06-02 07:30

reporter   ~0005834

Yesterday I talked to someone and he told me that the timestamp is actually good. However this morning I found out the real problem. All channels where this happens are actually set to "persist on". However they have lost their mode +P on inspircd as the ircd had to be restartet for an update.

I've set persist to off on one of the channels and now chanserv is setting all channelmodes, usermodes and topics correct. I could believe chanserv just thinks the channel is still open as it is set to "persist on" and therefore doing nothing :)

Maybe chanserv should check if the mode +P is actually set and then decide what to do.

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