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0001252Anope Development (1.9.x series)HostServpublic2011-04-22 08:27
ReporterMeiR Assigned ToAdam  
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Summary0001252: Main and grouped nicks in vHost activating, while enabling the directive "HSRequestMemoOper".
DescriptionMemoServ always sends memos from the main nick of the group. This fact takes part also in "HSRequestMemoOper" feature.
Though, a vhost activating must be made on the specific grouped nick, which sent the request. Otherwise, no vHost will be found.
Steps To Reproduce- Enable "HSRequestMemoOper" directive in the conf [requires restart].

- Create and enter some grouped nick, and request a vHost.

- Opers and host setters will see a new memo from the main nick:
(MemoServ) You have a new memo from Main_Nick.
(MemoServ) Type /msg MemoServ READ 1 to read it.

- Content of memo:
(MemoServ) Memo 1 from Main_Nick (Mar 13 18:39:52 2011 GMT). To delete, type: /msg MemoServ DEL 1
(MemoServ) [auto memo] vHost has been requested.

- Send the command "/hs activate Main_Nick"

- You will get an error message:
(HostServ) No request for nick Main_Nick found.

- "/hs waiting" output:
(HostServ) 0000001 Nick:Gouped_Nick, (Gouped_Nick - Mar 13 18:39:52 2011 GMT)
(HostServ) Displayed all records (Count: 1)
Additional InformationI assume that MemoServ sends the memos from the main nick for convenience purposes.
I am not sure what can be a solution.
Maybe not allowing each nick from the group to have is own vHost? This way, activating any of the grouped nicks will do the work, just like "/cs access" etc.
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2011-04-22 08:27

administrator   ~0005798

This should be fixed in the 1.9.5 branch in commit 7d2f634de2504864c08fff49a73575cf67c76e0d.


2011-03-25 00:47

manager   ~0005777

Committed to 1.8 GIT in 841b3f689eed.


2011-03-15 23:59

administrator   ~0005772

hs_request uses the main memo_send function in memoserv.c, so to fix this we would need to modify that (which would affect all memos), or do some fun code duplication in hs_request.


2011-03-15 14:41

manager   ~0005769

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any particular reason this is a no-fix for 1.8?

There is no reason why the display nick couldn't optionally be displayed as the memo sender.. If I remember correctly all logic using the sender string assumes it s an alias and can even deal with that alias being missing (expiring nicks..?).

Alternatively, in the unlikely event there is something preventing that, at the very least the request string should be updated to include the origin of the request..


2011-03-14 20:01

administrator   ~0005764

Won't fix in 1.8, moving to 1.9.

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