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0001237Anope Development (1.9.x series)Modules Systempublic2011-01-28 02:29
ReporterSyloq Assigned ToLEthaLity  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version1.9.x-GIT 
Summary0001237: Operserv setting +h upon first join of channel defined in m_helpchan
DescriptionServices: 1.9.3
InspIRCd: 2.0.2

When an unregistered/unidentified and un-opered user joins a channel defined in m_helpchan Operserv sets umode of +h.

(The host of the nick matches an oper line but is not opered. Not sure if it matters as it shouldn't, but putting all information I have out there.)
Steps To Reproduce1) Set channel in m_helpchan.
2) Have an unregistered and non opered nick join channel, first.
Additional InformationLooked briefly at the code and the debug log statement and it appears that when the client joins the channel (the first one to do so) the IRCd sets +o to the client in the channel. Then services immediately unsets it.

I suspect that services reads the first +o and ignores anything that happens after. It then assumes that the person is a an OP. Therefore it sets the UMODE +h.
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2011-01-28 02:29

manager   ~0005735

thanks, fixed in commit 9910aa3cc63cce81b3967a16a99d3f92d9e95f68

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