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0001221Anope Development (1.9.x series)MemoServpublic2020-02-13 17:04
ReporterCereaL Assigned ToDukePyrolator  
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Summary0001221: /memoserv read all
DescriptionWhat's chances of having a "read all" command for MemoServ ?

There's a "del all" command .. so yeah can this be swapped around?

Thanks :D
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2020-02-13 17:04

administrator   ~0006871

fixed in 2015.


2015-07-17 17:17

reporter   ~0006747

Since this was requested, I added Pull request 0000130 on GitHub.


2013-12-16 17:21

developer   ~0006555

This is an interesting idea. I suppose it's possible, but the concept already exists in a different feature. (See Above). Not that my opinion matters at all.


2011-11-04 12:08

manager   ~0006005

As someone above already pointed out, you already can do this in another way:
Lets say you have for example 16 memos, then you do this: /MS READ 1-16
and it will show you all the memos from 1 to 16 at once.
Also, MemoServ will show you all new memos at once if you do: /MS READ NEW

See /MS HELP READ for full details.

So, in a way, this already exists anyway.


2011-10-30 14:36

reporter   ~0005989

i liked that idea too, BUT read all should definitely be default disabled and config enableable.

Why: if you have a limit of 100 memos/user they wont type /quote ms read 1-100 very often, but i fear they would type read all.

So if you have a more relaxed memo limit (we have a limit of 500 and me and some other users have ~400 memos), it would generate quite a lot traffic, if you had like 20 users that would "read all" every x mins... (services reaching ircd sendq limit and getting disconnected ;)

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