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0001219Anope Development (1.9.x series)Nickservpublic2010-12-26 07:42
ReporterCereaL Assigned ToAdam  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001219: Unable to register a nickname
DescriptionTrying to register a nick which is AustIRC-PR

I get back the following error
 -NickServ- Nickname AustIRC-PR may not be registered. -

Using db_mysql

services.conf has guestnickprefix = "AustIRC"

Steps To Reproduceregister any nick using the prefix ..
Additional Informationwork around:
change the guestnickprefix, reload anope, register your nick and change the guestnickprefix back then do another reload to resolve

 <DarthCookieMonster> if (nicklen <= prefixlen + 7 && nicklen >= prefixlen + 1 && !u->nick.find_ci(Config->NSGuestNickPrefix) && !u->nick.substr(prefixlen).find_first_not_of("1234567890"))

[19:53] <DarthCookieMonster> CereaL: its not allowed to register guest nicks
[19:53] <chaz> I suspect we should adjust that though with regex
[19:53] <CereaL> but arent guest nicks value######?
[19:53] <DarthCookieMonster> hm, change the guestnickprefix, restart anope, register your nick and change the guestnickprefix back :P
[19:53] <chaz> he didn't want to use numbers.
[19:54] <chaz> seems a bit of a functionality issue.
[19:54] <DarthCookieMonster> we are only matching against Config->NSGuestNickPrefix
[19:55] <chaz> yeah, that seems a bit dense when we know guest nicks are numbers
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2010-12-26 07:42

administrator   ~0005703

Fixed in commit 8af2465a61b09e020c1324acfb78bbf912869fc8.

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