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0000105Anope Development (1.7.x series)OperServpublic2004-06-16 11:00 Assigned  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version1.7.3 
Summary0000105: ?NSStrictPrivileges? dont work correctly (os/bs)
Descriptionwell, I have DISABLED "NSStrictPrivileges" on services.conf and still need
login with the /oper command to use OperServ... Disable this means that i'll
only need to identify myself to nickserv to access operserv;

*** GlobOps -- from OperServ: Denied access to OperServ from Sioux!
wants@access.operserv (non-oper)

I can use another Services Admin's only commands: GETPASS, FORBID, etc.. but
only OperServ is unaccessible......hmmmm.. now I have noticed BotServ also dont
show Private Bots in botlist... but I can Add/Del/Change bots, and make them
private bots ;p .... I guess there is more bugs hidden on this
NSStrictPrivileges... then, please notify me when you fix that... and... thanks
you :) Anope is a really good services!
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