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Anope 2.0.4Ubuntu16.04.2 LTS
0001705: m_irc2sql module not compatible with MySQL 5.7
When using a MySQL database version 5.7, the m_irc2sql module will not work.
The services boot and operate successfully but the corresponding tables anope_chan and anope_user will stay empty.
1. Configure m_mysql to use a MySQL database of version 5.7
2. Enable the m_irc2sql module
3. Start the services and pass on the --debug flag

After booting the services, the anope_chan and anope_user tables will remain empty and in the logfiles a lot of errors like the following are being logged:

[May 29 09:10:35.933274 2017] m_irc2sql: Error executing query INSERT INTO `anope_chan` (channel, topic, topicauthor, topictime, modes) VALUES ('#Chan','','','0','') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE channel=VALUES(channel), topic=VALUES(topic),topicauthor=VALUES(topicauthor), topictime=VALUES(topictime), modes=VALUES(modes): Incorrect datetime value: '0' for column 'topictime' at row
Works perfectly with MySQL 5.6 OR when disable sqlmode STRICT_TRANS_TABLES on MySQL 5.7

Since mysql version 5.7 - sqlmodes were introduced, including the mode STRICT_TRANS_TABLES which is enabled by default:

From MySQL 5.7.4 through 5.7.7, STRICT_TRANS_TABLES includes the effect of the ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO, NO_ZERO_DATE, and NO_ZERO_IN_DATE modes

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