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0001702: NS KeepModes not set upon nick registration even with ns_keepmodes on NS defults
Since i've started using Anope v2.x series, i have ns_keepmodes enabled on the NS defaults, on nickserv.config.
Recently i've found that upon nick registration, the keepmodes option is not being set to the registered user.
Enable ns_keepmodes on NS defaults.
Register a new nick.
Do /ns info nick
Check NS options enabled (keepmodes isn't there).
Here's what i have on NS defaults on nickserv.conf:

defaults = "ns_secure ns_private hide_email hide_mask memo_signon memo_receive autoop ns_keepmodes killprotect"

After registering a new nick, i've done /ns info to myself (as shown below, keepmodes isn't present even after being enable on NS defaults)

[01:30] -NickServ-: Registered: Mar 18 00:27:06 2017 WET (2 minutes ago)
[01:30] -NickServ-: Options: Private, Protection, Security, Auto-op, Chanstats
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Fixed in 3545e8e3836df214db4ec8c7b4e57843a1971d37
2017-03-18 21:18   
This looks like the documentation is wrong, should be ns_keep_modes.