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0001684Anope Development (1.9.x series)IRCD Supportpublic2016-07-20 01:552016-07-23 20:48
LinuxUbuntu16.04 x64
0001684: Anope crashes when attempting to connect to an uplink server that has a user using one of the service bot nicks
Anope segfaults when trying to connect to a Charybdis uplink that has a user on the network whose nick is one of the service bot nicks, such as NickServ. I used NickServ in my testing.
1. Have a user on your Charybdis server named "NickServ"
2. Start Anope
3. Segmentation fault occurs
bt full: [^]
Last few lines of debug logs: [^]
^ The above occurs when you have third party modules loaded, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

bt full w/ --support: [^]
Last few lines of debug logs w/ --support: [^]
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2016-07-23 20:48   
Fixed in 647f8cd4e639e230d80046ee5967f88a72bdee4a
2016-07-22 00:34   
Upon further inspection, this issue might be occurring because RESVs aren't being applied properly for TS6-compliant IRCds. I'm filing a separate issue about this. I hope that fixing that issue fixes this one.