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anope2.0.3LinuxDebian 8 Jessie
0001677: sqlines don't work sometimes
Hi I would like to report a bug with anope-2.0.3, when I was using sqline list, type the command / msg operserv add sqline Guest* Change the nick, the command responded well and killed a user who was connected with a nick that corresponded with sqline added to the list, but if the user is disconnected, reconnected, and nickserv changes the nick, operserv does not kill, as does anope-1.8.9, I would love to help me with this issue, because that is what most use on my server.
Greetings and sorry for the inconvenience.
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It doesn't kill them because it lets the ircd decide whether or not to, which may be better (like if they are an oper). It can't differentiate much between a svsnick it forces and the ircd locally allowing a user to walk an sqline. I will make it just not kill opers.