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0001642: Expiry option of BAN command doesn't work with the nick syntax
The expiry option of BAN command doesn't work when a nick is used instead of a mask.
/msg BAN #Channel +10s Nick Reason: Nick is banned but the ban isn't removed after 10 seconds.
/msg BAN #Channel +10s Nick!*@* Reason: Nick is banned and the ban is removed after 10 seconds.
/msg BAN #Channel +10s Nick Reason
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Fixed in c3cc5804c32f423d4017a825300d926895ef64ed
2015-03-08 15:03   
(edited on: 2015-03-08 15:21)
I'm using UnrealIRCd I checked it again: it happens when the nick isn't online so ChanServ sets a permanent ban to the nick. When the nick is connect on the network ChanServ sets a ban to the host, kicks and then removes the ban correctly. Anyway services answer: Ban on Nick1 expires in 10 seconds. Is it that how it should work?

Debug: Sent: :ChanServ PRIVMSG #services :COMMAND: NoMiaus!Me@xxxxxxxxx (NoMiaus) used BAN on #Test for Nick1
Debug: Sent: :ChanServ NOTICE NoMiaus :Ban on Nick1 expires in 10 seconds.
Debug: Sent: :ChanServ NOTICE NoMiaus :No users on #Test match Nick1.
Debug: Sent: :[DarkSide] MODE #Test +b Nick1!*@*

PS: When I ran the debug mode I noticed Anope shows 100 messages like this: [Mar 08 13:50:33.314106 2015] Extend for nonexistent type BS_DONTKICKOPS on 0x5084ec8.

2015-03-08 14:09   

I attempted to reproduce this and it seemed to work fine for me. (tested on InspIRCd)

Can you confirm that when you did try and use it against 'nick' that it infact resolved this down to the host?

What IRCd are you using?

Can you provide debug logs?