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0001636: When grouping is disabled, NickServ only says grouping is disabled and links to
If you run `/ns group` on Teranova, NickServ will tell you that " Registration has been disabled, please register at". [^]

It should also mention that "Grouping is disabled on this network" as says nothing about grouping.
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2015-03-12 14:16   
Fixed in 32c4908c8ce33a0b0c23fa05249db9aa5c47635c
2015-02-17 08:04   
Config file from around that appears to only talk about registration and it says nothing about grouping. I don't know if anyone else understands it as "grouping also happens on", but that is how I understood it. I think maybe there should also be separate message.
2015-02-16 23:50   
This is actually just the preconfigured message, [^] so it can easily be changed.