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0001629: services sometimes do not finish bursting and fork when certificate fingerprints are used

I am using anope-2.0 from git and inspircd-2.0 and I am using ssl certificate fingerprint to identify to my account, with sasl mechanism EXTERNAL.
Here is the problem that I've encountered:
1. I start services when not being connected, I do it from a terminal and they successfully finish linking and fork.
2. I connect to the irc server and log in using sasl EXTERNAL, services correctly identify me, I am logged as ircop too.
3. I kill/shutdown services and start them up again, they successfully connect but do not fork.
4. My irc client shows that services do link and identify me again with my certificate fingerprint, but they do not finish bursting to the server and for that reason they stay in the foreground and do not fork.
5. When I try to disconnect, services suddenly fork as they should do it before.

This problem also happens when not using sasl external.
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? debuglog (172,058) 2014-12-20 13:50
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2014-12-20 18:47   
What happens if you use the poll or select SE with inspircd?
2014-12-20 13:52   
as you see, some things happen after a minute, not sure why. like it all starts to move when server sends ping.
2014-12-20 04:53   
Need debug logs.
2014-12-19 17:21   
Correction: if I am correct this happens when services join to a network where at least one user is already logged in and it doesn't matter what login method was used.
Services never finish bursting unless something happens on the network, for example someone issues a command to one of the services, joins a channel etc, then services will immediately finish bursting.