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0001613Anope Stable (2.0.x series)[All Projects] Generalpublic2014-09-11 03:512014-09-22 04:47
0001613: Add custom name (or the username used) when adding a hostmask to ChanServ access list

While I know *now* that whom these hosts belong, I may not in the future. I'd like a way to add a custom name to them so I know who they are.

[18:39:48] ChanServ []: 8 3 *!*@cloaked-o08h3o
[18:39:48] ChanServ []: 9 3 *!*@cloaked-3ag.ilf.0.127.IP

Proposed output:

[18:39:48] ChanServ []: 8 3 *!*@cloaked-o08h3o (UptimeBot)
[18:39:48] ChanServ []: 9 3 *!*@cloaked-3ag.ilf.0.127.IP (Uptime)

or another column called "description" that we can modify as needed. :)
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2014-09-22 04:47   
I have found myself with the same issue. Others have added hosts that I end up having no clue who it was...