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0001593: Module database (module_<modname>.db) won't loaded
I'm using db_flatfile and I want to save the data of my module in a extra db (module_<modname>.db). This works very well till you restart the services. As far I can see there is nothing in the source of db_flatfile that loads a module database. Is this a bug or is it generally on my own to load the module db?

At the moment I use anope.db to save and load the module data.
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2014-04-27 03:07   
Sure. I don't know every piece of anope source code and without a documentation it's not so easy.
2014-04-26 23:35   
You're probably doing it wrong. You shouldn't generally file bugs against us for your code not working unless you can prove there is something incorrect with db_flatfile. Instead you should come to #anope-devel and ask for help with your module.