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0001586: m_ldap_authentication - Password not stored correctly in directory
When using the m_ldap_authentication and allowing registration via this module the password doesn't seem to be stored correctly inside the directory.

Afaik na->nc->pass contains the already encrypted password. When storing it into the directory it is necessary to tell it which hashing has been used otherwise the directory server uses his default encryption.

In addition to this you can't just store any md5 hash into the directory. You have to encode it base64 and pack it with H*. (At least in PHP). Here is an example from PHP:

$LDAPPassword = '{md5}' . base64_encode(pack('H*', md5($Password)));

Currently if I register an account with nickserv I won't be able to authenticate against it using the information stored on the directory server.
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Works. Thanks very much :)
2014-04-27 14:03   
Yes. LDAP an take an unencrypted password and encrypt it by its self.

I'll try the patch today.
2014-04-26 23:06   
Try [^]
2014-04-26 22:59   
I can make this send the password to LDAP unencrypted. Can LDAP take that and then encrypt it?