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0001494Anope Development (1.9.x series)IRCD Supportpublic2013-03-18 06:592013-03-18 19:19
x86_64Ubuntu Linux12.10
0001494: Upstream timeout when using MySQL with flatfile database on boot.
If I enable both the 'db_flatfile' and 'db_sql' modules on boot, Anope takes too long to run through its database tables, resulting in a timeout when trying to connect to its upstream server.

From what I can tell, it starts the connection to the upstream server first (it opens the socket, but doesn't send anything), then starts to generate tables, etc, and because it takes quite a while, the upstream server considers the incoming connection as not one being registered within the stipulated time frame, and disconnects the connection from Anope before it is able to complete the handshake.

It could just be the size of my database.

I'd suggest changing the sequence within Anope, so that only once all the tables are generated (and data propagated) in MySQL, that it attempt to connect to the upstream server.
1) Enable both 'db_flatfile' and 'db_sql' database modules.
2) Start Anope.
The disks on the machine are SSD drives, so it can't be a disk IO issue.

Using latest Anope 1.9.9 GIT.
Using InspIRCd 2.0.10.
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2013-03-18 19:19   
The upstream timeout is actually intentional on large databases (it is trickier than waiting and opening the socket later). However, db_sql wasn't supposed to re-import everything on load if it is already imported. Because this should only possibly happen on the first import I don't think it's that big of a deal.

Your setup however makes it impossible to tell if things are already imported, so I've added a configuration option to tell db_sql whether or not to import stuff. If you keep imported at false now it will no longer re-import things on startup, and start much faster.

Fixed in 731912f01eb14d811575c492dc64b60084bd412c.

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