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0001481Anope Development (1.9.x series)Operservpublic2013-02-15 11:192013-02-16 11:01
x86_64Ubuntu Linux12.10
0001481: OperServ session limits triggered on incorrect concurrent connection numbers.
OperServ's sessions are not always accurately triggering on concurrent connections for the same host.

Suspect there may be a callback or event thats not decrementing the counter for some hosts.
Hard to reproduce. Does not always happen each time.
Using latest GIT version of Anope 1.9.x.
Using a flatfile database.
Session limits are currently set to 3.
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2013-02-16 11:01   
Nevermind I've figured it out, fixed in 3ab6706993a50b7c65b9007ead7d13a9ce3010e6.
2013-02-16 10:35   
What IRCd and version is this? Guessing InspIRCd, but my InspIRCd 2.0 sends back a QUIT when we send a KILL, it looks like you aren't getting a QUIT at all.
2013-02-16 07:57   
I think it may be the KILL event/trigger not cleaning up behind itself:

[Feb 15 08:29:29 2013] Received: :1ZA UID 1ZAAAFBLL 1360916968 CTH 1360916973 +ix
[Feb 15 08:29:29 2013] Sent: :1SVAAAAAG NOTICE 1ZAAAFBLL :The session limit for your host has been exceeded.
[Feb 15 08:29:29 2013] Sent: :1SVAAAAAG NOTICE 1ZAAAFBLL :Please contact us via support[at]atrum[dot]org for more information regarding session limits.
[Feb 15 08:29:29 2013] Sent: :1SVAAAAAG KILL 1ZAAAFBLL :OperServ (Session limit exceeded)
[Feb 15 08:29:38 2013] Received: :1ZA UID 1ZAAAFBLO 1360916977 CTH 1360916982 +ix
[Feb 15 08:29:38 2013] Duplicate user CTH in user table?
2013-02-16 02:08   
I'm not able to reproduce this.