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0001463Anope Development (1.9.x series)Modules Systempublic2012-12-25 18:102012-12-25 23:47
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0001463: Crash on unload and reload of OperServ DNS module.
Services crashes/disconnects after module reload and commands sent to add zones/servers/IP addresses to OperServ DNS module.
1) Unload os_dns.
2) Reload os_dns.
3) Readd servers to configuration (they are not displayed, or shown after the reload).
4) Anope crashes, disconnects from network during a database save:

[Dec 25 17:50:00 2012] Saving databases
[Dec 25 17:50:00 2012] bs_main: Running bandata purger
[Dec 25 17:50:00 2012] DB_FLATFILE: Error saving databases: Unable to write database data/anope.db
[Dec 25 17:50:00 2012] Terminating, reason unknown
I have a sneaky suspicion that the settings are not reloaded (from the database) on module reload. The module is probably trying to write settings that exist?

Using latest Anope 1.9.x GIT.
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fixed in 556a4375e226760169150179b5bcaa659aaf055e and 392b591d09509ae788f59b1b63a947ed7d8ad562
2012-12-25 18:11   
Something else to note, is that the OperServ DNS module does not write to MySQL databases if the database type is of MySQL (everything else does).

The above crash was done on a flatfile database though.