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0001450Anope Development (1.9.x series)Chanservpublic2012-10-23 10:582012-10-24 05:16
0001450: ChanServ limit for number of channels doesn't always work correctly
Someone on my network was attempting to register a channel but ChanServ was giving him an error saying that he had already exceeded the 20 channel limit. I did a /ns alist on him and saw that he only owned one channel, and had access in another. After that, I raised the limit to 25 channels and he still couldn't register it. I raised it to 250, and it still failed. I raised it to 250000 channels just to test it, and he was able to register it.

After he was able to register the channel, I dropped the limit back to 25. He registered another channel successfully with the 25 channel limit.
I had someone else on my network attempt to register channels while the limit was at 20. He was able to register three channels with no problem, but he had no previously owned channels or access in any channels.
When at 20 channel limit:
-NickServ- Channels that case has access on:
-NickServ- Number Channel Access
-NickServ- 1 #******* Founder
-NickServ- 2 !#************ 5
-ChanServ- Sorry, you have already exceeded your limit of 20 channels.
Raised to 25:
-ChanServ- Sorry, you have already exceeded your limit of 25 channels.
Raised to 250:
-ChanServ- Sorry, you have already exceeded your limit of 250 channels.
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thanks for reporting
fixed in e0438e3a7ee3b7737f5138e7f43157b07479c824