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0001439Anope Stable (1.8.x series)IRCD supportpublic2012-08-04 09:372012-08-06 04:30
0001439: /samode crash on inspircd
Anope crashes when you use /samode to set a user mode on a services client on InspIRCd.
Use /samode to set a mode on any services client.
/samode ChanServ +B (Or any other user mode or service)
<Global> PANIC! buffer = :483AAAAAP MODE 3AXAAAAAL +B
<Global> Backtrace: Segmentation fault detected
<Global> Backtrace: report the following lines
<Global> Backtrace: Anope version 1.8.7 (3089) build 0000001, compiled Aug 3 2012 23:55:53 QM
<Global> Backtrace(0): ./services(do_backtrace+0x64) [0x807a734]
<Global> Backtrace(1): ./services(sighandler+0x19b) [0x807a95b]
<Global> Backtrace(2): [0xb7769400]
<Global> Backtrace(3): ./services(finduser+0x1a) [0x8094c7a]
<Global> Backtrace(4): ./services(do_umode+0x24) [0x80952b4]
<Global> Backtrace(5): /home/allen/services/modules/runtime/ [0xb775ecac]
<Global> Backtrace(6): ./services(process+0x1c0) [0x808eac0]
<Global> Backtrace(7): ./services(main+0x20d) [0x805754d]
<Global> Backtrace(8): /lib/ [0xb7023605]
<Global> Backtrace(9): ./services() [0x8057869]
<Global> Backtrace: complete
<Global> Services terminating: Segmentation fault
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2012-08-04 23:36   
This should have been fixed 5 days ago in;a=commitdiff;h=d0e5a188489c8e760bd0997a9fbcdfd64907eda8 [^]
2012-08-04 10:47   
Thx for that, their wiki is showing it incorrectly ;)

Thanks for the above also, I'll get around to testing this.
2012-08-04 10:04   
(edited on: 2012-08-04 10:05)
Running InspIRCd 2.0.8. As of this version the target can be a channel or a user according to the helpop system:

* /SAMODE [target] +/-[modes] {[parameters for modes]}

-OperServ- Current Module list:
-OperServ- Module: cs_appendtopic [1.8.7 (3089)] [Supported]
-OperServ- Module: cs_enforce [1.8.7 (3089)] [Supported]
-OperServ- Module: enc_sha1 [1.8.7 (3089)] [Encryption]
-OperServ- Module: hs_request [1.8.7 (3089)] [Supported]
-OperServ- Module: inspircd20 [1.8.7 (3089)] [Protocol]
-OperServ- Module: ns_maxemail [1.8.7 (3089)] [Supported]
-OperServ- Module: os_info [1.8.7 (3089)] [Supported]
-OperServ- 7 Modules loaded.

The target can be ANY services client such as NickServ or ChanServ and includes bots created by BotServ also any user mode that is set to that target for example umode +B or +x I have not tested removing any user modes however.

Example Syntax: /samode NickServ +B

2012-08-04 09:51   

My understanding from the InspIRCd documentation is that SAMODE is performed against users on a channel, your syntax doesn't show a channel parameter, please can you confirm your syntax just to confirm how to reproduce.

Additionally, please can you confirm any modules you're using on the Anope side?

I'll put together a test network shortly to reproduce, which version of InspIRCd 2.0 are you using?